Introduce Myself...

Hello, my name is Nor Azimah Binti Anis. I was born on 22 April 1986. I live in Johor Bahru, Johor. I have a strict father and a caring mother. I have 5 siblings which are four boys and one girl. I am the second child in my family.
I am one of the first year students at the Faculty of Business and Economic in UKM. I am studying business. I stay at Kolej Pendeta Za’ba at UKM.

My favourite food is Tomyam and my favourite drink is Watermelon juice.
My hobby is reading. Reading helps you to know the world in a better way.
I like to travel. Pangkor Island is my favourite place in my heart, because it is a beautiful island. Pangkor Island looks so natural and it is so peaceful. It was hard to imagine that we are at such a wonderful place.
My mother has been my idol since I was young. She is a gentle woman. Why my mother is my idol? It’s because she does everything well and I think she is very clever. When I have something I cannot handle myself, she is always by my side and helps me. Although my mother is not a popular star or famous model, she will be my idol forever and ever.
My father also plays a big role in my family. My father is my life. He has been supporting through the hard and good times. And believe me raising one girl was not easy. I never met a man so caring and generous like my dad.
My future plan is I want to open a restaurant because I want to have my own business. By opening the restaurant, I can apply what I have studied at UKM.

Penglipurlara: thanks for everything. expecially my mom n dad. miss u alwaysss muaahhhh....

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